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We are a group of young artists and designers, which are passionate to making functional, playful, and affordable ceramics and glass products. Our design challenge is to add craft value and playfulness to everyday products, making them stand out from mass-produced objects.

With a deep understanding of materials and making process we make innovations of crafts and design products that suitable for the modern lifestyle.


The Aiming of fetstudio is to build a vibrant community and platform for young talented makers, artists and designers. They are able to share their inspirations, sell their products and promote for craftsmanship.We are focusing on selling crafts products for domestics use and gifts. Our products including table wares, table-top accessories and furniture for compact living.


we have a core design team including glass artists and ceramicists that are able to do batch productions of their works.We keep seeking talented craftsmen, makers and designers. we would like to collaborate with them sharing the same principles and we help them to sell products.



Royal College of Art


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